Friday, 17 October 2014

2 nice Liverpool Ladies

So recently my partner won tickets to watch Liverpool play at home in the capital one cup. We had an e-mail to print out and take it to the ticket office 3 hours before the match. We arrived and waiting in line in the rain and the guy at the ticket office did not have a clue what we were talking about and sent us to the Hospitality office to get our tickets. We arrived there and they didn't have the tickets either and no-one seemed to know what was going on. As you can imagine I was devastated started thinking we had driven 5 hours for nothing and wasted petrol. The two ladies behind the glass were amazing she straight away put my mind at rest and were so polite and kind, the reassured us all along the way even though we waited an hour for our tickets. They advised us to go shop or get a drink while we waited. Once our tickets eventually arrived and I think they were just as excited as we were, she checked my tickets, showed me on the map where to go and couldn't have been more lovely if the tried. I would like to say Thank you so much to those 2 ladies.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Breakthrough with Mr Fussy

Any of you with a fussy child will appreciate the struggles and frustrations that come with it, sometimes you can get lost in the fact it can be a uphill struggle. Over the past week I have realised how far we have come in a year. We lost my Dad 18 months ago and that's when the fussiness started and because we were all grieving we let him get away with it. At that stage all he would eat sausage's, chips, toast and grapes (plus crisps and some sweets). He wouldn't try anything new even chocolate he had never tried before.
This past week I realised just how far we have come,  He ate 2 pieces of Ham pizza no picking at it, he eats crumpets, toasting muffin's, wraps, garlic bread, baguettes. All kinds of fruit and even tries cake he has never tried before. He now dislikes chips and opts for mash, or potatoes. Veg is still a problem he only likes carrots but will try others.
He even said to me today I don't like it Mummy but I will eat it so I get my football cards. He has a reward chart which is based around all behaviour and his reward is Match Attax football cards. He is footie mad so a perfect reward for him.
To some it may not sound like much but it amazes me how much he eats and tries and I can only see things moving forward, for the first time I feel totally positive and motivated to cook new recipes.
If anyone has a fussy child and feels at their wits end drop me a line I know how hard it is and know my Journey is not over and bad days. But will take the good days and enjoy them.

A night at Anfield.

My Partner won tickets to Anfield to watch Liverpool play Middlesborough in the Capital One Cup. We were over the moon but Liverpool is a 5 hour drive from our house, we have a Mr Fussy in school and 2 dog's that need looking after. Luckily a friend of our's offered to take care of Mr Fussy and my 2 doggies. And I am happy to drive (not all that way and back in 24 hours but hey that's life).
And what an awesome game it was, normal time plus extra time and 30 penalties. It was amazing, I had no voice by the time we left, my partner was in agony and I still had to drive home but I can't wait to go back especially with Mr Fussy as he would love it 

Lost My blogging MOJO

It has been far too long since I posted but promise I am now back. I always plan to write but life seems to get in the way. It has been so busy and hectic with Mr Fussy starting school and my partners health not being good, plus have been helping my mum house hunt. All in all it has been busy busy but I am back and back on track.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

#zerowasteweek tips- Yogurt pots

Hi all
I have been feeling very poorly the past few days so although I am still taking part in #zerowasteweek I haven't been up to blogging about it, Will be doing a better post tomorrow. 
We are very lucky here our council takes lots of recycling, but the one thing they don't take that bugs me is yogurt pots. My son loves his yogurts and fromage frais and binning them is such a waste. We reuse these as paint pots, planters for seeds, but I have a little collection at the minute and was just wondering if any of you has any idea's for what else I can use them for??

Don't forget competition on my blog enter here

Monday, 1 September 2014

#Zerowasteweek starts today

Good morning all
Have you made your pledge?
I have and am ready to go my bin is empty and will stay that way, what is the one thing you are going to do this week? Don't forget my competition there may be more than one prize I have been shopping and bought a few lovely items. 

#Zerowasteweek starts here
Look out for more about my week and don't forget to pledge if you haven't already @ zerowasteweek

Thursday, 28 August 2014

#Zerowasteweek Competition time

As you all know I am taking part in #Zerowasteweek and I thought I would run a competition connected to this. This competition will run until 21st of September with winner being announced the following week (Mr Fussy's first full week at school).
So  far the prize is a mystery I will reveal all soon but it will be Jewelry related.
I would love to see your creative ways of reducing your waste, I would like to see your pledge for Zero waste week . Surprise me! 
This is open to the UK only. I would love to see photo's etc. Winner will be picked at random using rafflecopter. 
Also don't forget to sign up here

You can leave comments here with your pictures etc, or post on my facebook page and leave me a link to that post here. Thanks and Good luck 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UK Only
Prize is a mystery at this point but will be jewelry with a value of at least £5 
One Entry per person
Competition runs until 21st September 2014 11.59pm
Winner will be announced Within 7 days and will have 7 days to reply or winner will be redrawn
Winner will receive their prize within 28 days of receiving their address 
Any questions e-mail -
No responsibility is accepted for entries which are lost, corrupted, incomplete or for any failure to capture entry information
It is the responsibility of entrants to notify the promoter of any change of contact details.  Proof of identity may be required.

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