Sunday, 6 July 2014

The nerves are kicking in

It's Sunday afternoon and I am curled up with Mr Fussy watching Toy story 3 and I have that awful feeling in my stomach. My appeal for the school I want for Mr Fussy is on Tuesday and I know that 98% of them don't succeed so I know I am set to have my heart broken, and whilst the school he is going to is good and he will settle in fine. I have to admit I have brought up a very confident little man who will make friends very easily as he does where ever we go. But I look at what I will be losing and it makes me very sad. I will be losing a network of friends who have become very helpful. We have exchanged play dates and they have helped me out when my Partner has hospital appointments etc, all this has taken me a long time to build up and I am unsure that I will find this at his school but even if I do it will take a long time to create the trust. In fact one my friends is having him on Tuesday for the appeal. I just wish that the council could be a little human in the selection of school's for our children. I very much feel as though I am being punished for bringing up a well rounded child and that because I have not needed to ask for help (believe me I am worn out all the time) and that I can cope and have not needed social services involved or the school. I didn't sleep well last night and won't until the outcome and although I am not getting my hopes up I am not looking forward to hearing the NO.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The hunt for Little Charley bear.

I am currently on the hunt for a "Little Charley Bear" around 18in soft bear. To cut a long story short my sister and I are estranged, years ago a fight, but recently I we started talking again on Facebook now we are both Mum's a more grown up a little talking has been good, we live at opposite ends of the country so have been unable to catch up but last year tragedy struck her family, they had a fire at their home and luckily the family and pets managed to escape unharmed but the lost everything in the fire including a very important Little Charlie bear that had been bought for her youngest after his god father died. I saw this in a comment on Facebook and felt the urge to help, they have been unable to get a replacement as they are £40 new and they have no funds, mind you neither do I so I am off to car boots asking on Facebook and hoping I can find a replacement and send it to them.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Stressed out!! Passports and school appeal

Good evening all,
It is 2 weeks until we venture off on our free holiday that my partner won (using my box of cheerios before I had chance may I add so I won) but the passports are still not here, Well one is my son's it was his first passport and that arrived without trouble. I sent my and my partners which are both renewals about 5 weeks ago thinking 7 weeks would be plenty then I started seeing about the delays on passports on the news. Eeek panic, I waited just over 3 weeks then rang was told not a lot just that it wasn't even being looked and and to call back a week later. Then I was told after several phone calls and a few calls back to ring today as it's then 2 weeks till travel. Today I was told that I will receive a call on Monday 14th arranging delivery and the guy on the phone assured me it would be here in time for my holiday. So I have now got my fingers crossed, and toes and anything else. They better not make me miss my holiday as it's the first one in over 6 years, and my friend is coming so I can have some rest, and help me out with caring for my Partner and taking care of Mr Fussy.
This week we also have Sports day, the hearing for our appeal for School, visit to the school that he got put into. And then it's a strike at the school on Thursday so NO nursery. One very stressed out Mummy, and I have to travel to Yeovil tomorrow and visit my Mum and help her do some gardening and give her a birthday present, also have to make sure my friend is fully trained (lol) with the dogs as don't want them to become tear away's whilst we are away.
Anyone else waiting for passports or an appeal for school?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

A beautiful walk

We decided to go shopping and have tea out after tea, we decided to walk a different way back to the car and discovered these beautiful views.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Picnic with a view

We had a glorious Sunday, felt as though we were on holiday with the good weather and gorgeous views. I love living in Torquay.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

School appeal date is set any advise?

Received the dreaded letter with the date for our appeal. I am very nervous, dreading it as I know 98% of appeals don't succeed. I have been waiting since April for the date for this appeal. I am disgusted though as he was 11th on the waiting list and I know at least 2 children didn't take up there place and he is now 10th! How is that fair, I got my application in on time, I did everything I was supposed to do yet they don't care. It is all about where I live nothing to do with my personal circumstances. Has anybody had a successful appeal or been through the appeals process?